The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is led by epidemiologists world. Scientists, and physicians, is one of the most trusted sources of information during epidemics. The world is in dire need of authoritative information and the CDC has become a shadow of its former self. The CDC is now not in the forefront of a public health emergency for the first time. Since 1946 when it establish in a cramped Atlanta office.

Robert Redfield, CDC director, stood at the White House briefing rooms lectern on April 22. And admit that the US had been overwhelm by the coronavirus pandemic. Redfield was follow by President Donald Trump who said that Redfield had been totally misquote in his warning. About COVID-19 continuing to pose serious problems as the US enters its winter flu season in 2020.

Redfield was invite to clarify his statement and confirmed that he had correctly. Quoted in his opinion about the difficult, complicated times ahead. Trump tried a new approach. Trump said that You may not even see corona returning back, he stated, again contradicting the career biologist. Just so you know.

Some pundits interpreted the exchange as confirmation that the CDC’s renowned. Expertise was side line while the coronavirus continue it ravaging of the US. The New York Times report that the CDC was even bypass in data collection. Trump ordered hospitals to send COVID-19 data directly the White House.

Diminished World Role

The CDC was a hub of activity when faced with previous public health emergencies. They held regular press briefings, and develop guidance that was use by governments all over the world. The White House has almost completely erased the CDC’s role as public face for the COVID-19 pandemic response during the worst public health crisis in a century.

Former CDC leaders claim that this diminish role is evident because their scientific advice was never politicize in the past. CDC officials issued warnings as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded. However, they quickly disappeared from public view. Nancy Messonnier was director of the CDC’s National Centre for Immunization & Respiratory Diseases. She predict that the virus would not contain and would spread to other parts of the country.

The stock market crashed and Messonnier was expel from future White House press briefings. There was no CDC presence in White House press briefings about COVID-19 between March 9 and June 12. CDC made mistakes during the pandemic. This includes its initial attempts to create a COVID-19 test. The test kits were flawed, a problem that was compound by slow efforts to correct the situation and severe delays in distribution of enough tests to the general public.

Many public health professionals are still baffle at the CDC’s inexplicable silence as the pandemic continues across the globe. Howard Koh, a former US assistant secretary of health, state that they have been overlook. We need their scientific leadership now.

What Does This Mean For The Rest Of The World?

Another blow to the agency’s reputation is the fact that the CDC was not involved in collecting COVID-19 data. Instead, hospitals were ordered to transmit all COVID-19 patient information into a central Washington DC database. There will likely be a variety of knock-on effects. The new database won’t be made available to the public. This raises questions about the accuracy and transparency.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services which issued the new order the change will allow the White House’s coronavirus taskforce to allocate resources. However, epidemiologists and experts in public health around the globe fear that the new system may make it more difficult for others to track the pandemic and access information.

All countries are affected by this because the CDC provides sound, independent guidance on public health issues like infectious diseases, health living, travel, disaster preparedness, drug efficacy, and healthy living. This information can be adapted to other jurisdictions, which is crucial during a pandemic when uncertainty reigns. It is hard to remember a time when a public health emergency was cause by political pressure.

What’s Next?

Despite all the challenges inherent in dealing with a pandemic in a real-time setting, the CDC is still the most well-positioned agency in the US and the world to assist us in managing this crisis as safely and effectively as possible.

Nations should begin to think about creating their own national centres for disease control in the absence of US leadership. These discussions in Australia have been ongoing since 1990, but they are stall by lack of political will and cost. COVID-19 and the current demise of the CDC may provide the push needed to make those plans a reality.

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